1How do I use the Workout Backpack so that I don’t need to adapt it constantly?
Always start the workout with the weight vest excercises, e.g.:
1. Step: Squats, Walking Lunges, Pull-ups, Push-ups
2. Step: Bent-Over Row, Reverse-Fly, Chest Press, Butterfly, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raise, Biceps Curls, Standing Triceps Extension, Swings
3. Step: Leg Extension, Lying Leg Curls, Jackknife Sit-ups
Or take a look at the “Training” section in our full-body workout programmes.
2How do I use the Workout Backpack while on holiday? Are the iron weights allowed on the aeroplane?
Yes, the Workout Backpack and iron weights can be taken on a plane as hand luggage.
However, please note that some airlines have a maximum weight allowance of 8 Kg, others 10 Kg and still others have no maximum allowance at all. An alternate option would be to take the empty sandbags with you and fill them with sand on the beach.
3What is the maximum weight load of the Workout Backpack?
The Workout Backpack can be loaded with a maximum weight of 77 lbs.
11 lbs on the front, in the shoulder straps, and 66 lbs on the back.
4What is the maximum weight load per Dynamic Kettlebell?
Dynamic Kettlebells can be loaded with a max. weight of 33 lbs each (2 x 33 lbs).
5What can I do to avoid carrying too much weight?
Only take 33 lbs with you:
11 lbs on the front, in the shoulder straps, and 22 lbs on the back.
By doing so, you can perform the exercises one-armed or one-legged with a maximum weight of 33 lbs per Dynamic Kettlebell / Ankle / Wrist weight.
1Which steps allow for the weight to be adjusted?
Those for which the recommended weight is 5.5 lbs.
2Why is the same weight heavier to lift with the Dynamic Kettlebells than with traditional dumbbells?
Because you have to work even harder to stabilise the weight, therefore working out using another strength curve.
3How do I clean my Workout Backpack?
Check out the information provided in this helpful link: https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Velcro
4Does sand damage the Velcro?
5Is the Backpack water-resistant?
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