How do I use the Work Out Backpack so that I don’t need to form it constantly?

Always start the workout with the weight vest excercises, e.g.:

1. Step: Squats, Walking Lunges, Pull-ups, Push-ups

2. Step: Bent-Over Row, Reverse-Fly, Chest Press, Butterfly, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raise, Biceps

Curls, Standing Triceps Extension, Swings

3. Step: Leg Extension, Lying Leg Curs, Jackknife Sit ups

Or take a look under the section “Training" on our full body workout programs.

How do I use the Work Out Backpack on vacation? Is it allowed to take the iron weights on the airplane?

Yes, the Workout Backpack and the iron weights can be carried without any problem as hand luggage.

However, please note that there are some airlines with a maximum weight of 8 Kg per hand luggage other with 10Kg

and others have no limit at all. Another possibility is to take only the empty sandbags on vacation and to fill them

with sand on the beach.

What is the maximum weight load of the Work Out Backpack?

The Work Out Backpack can be loaded with a maximum weight of 77 lbs.

11 lbs on the front at the shoulder straps and 66 lbs on the back.

However, we recommend to use the weight vest with a maximum weight of 44 lbs.

What is the maximum weight load per Dynamic Kettlebell?

The Dynamic Kettlebells can be loaded with a max. weight of 33 lbs each (2 x 33 lbs).

What can I do to avoid carrying too much weight?

Take only 33 lbs with you:

11 lbs at the front on the shoulder straps and 22 lbs at the back.

Like that the exercises can be performed one-armed or one-legged with the maximum weight of 33 lbs per Dynamic

Kettlebell / Ankle wrist weight.