Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Below you will find details about the cookies, web analytics tools and social plug-ins
we use on our website. Our cookie policy is updated on a regular basis.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent by the websites you visit to the browser you
use (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and stored on the hard drive of your computer or
mobile device. They enable websites to run or are intended to provide information to
the owners of a website or third parties who receive data from this website, such as
information about the devices you use and your preferences. They are mostly used
to ensure that a website works the way you expect it to work. Generally speaking,
this information does not identify you directly, however it can make it possible for you
to have a tailored online experience.

Most of the cookies we use are temporary session cookies that are automatically
deleted from your computer or mobile device at the end of your browser session. We
also use permanent cookies. These remain stored on your computer or mobile
device after your browser session has ended. Depending on the type of cookie,
permanent cookies remain stored on your computer or mobile device for up to two
years and are automatically deactivated at the end of the pre-programmed time.

Why do we use cookies?

The cookies on NUMI Sports website serve many different purposes. For example,
they help save your language preferences across different pages of a single Internet
session and, in doing so, facilitate your access to the websites.

We also use cookies to analyse the behaviour of visitors to our website and find out
which pages are visited how often, which technologies our visitors prefer – such as
the type of video player they use – and whether our website is working properly. This
information helps us optimise our website’s content and services on an ongoing
basis in order to improve the site’s general visitor experience.

However, cookies also enable us to personalise the content of our website in
general. We also use remarketing cookies to help us target advertisements on other
websites to the interests of our website’s visitors based on the pages you view on
our website. Cookies on our websites additionally enable us to offer social media
features that let you share content via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How can you change your cookie settings?

In our Cookie Settings you can adjust your consent to the use of cookies on our
website at any time based on your needs.

If you wish to restrict or block the use of cookies in general, you can configure your
browser to display a warning message each time a cookie is about to be stored, or
you can block all cookies. You can also manually delete any cookies already set
through your browser. For information about how to do this, please refer to your
browser’s Help page.

However, for ease of navigation, NUMI Sports recommends that you accept our
website’s cookies and do not delete them. Otherwise, some of the features of this
website might not work properly or they could become unusable.

Website analysis

We use Google Analytics or similar services on our website. This is a service
provided by third parties who may be located in any country of the world (in the case
of Google Analytics it is Google Ireland Limited in Ireland, which
we can use to measure and evaluate the use of the Website. Permanent cookies, set
by the service provider, are also used for this purpose. The service provider does not
receive any personal data from us (and does not store any IP addresses), but may
track your use of the website, combine this information with data from other websites
you have visited and which are also tracked by service providers, and use these
findings for its own purposes (e.g. to control advertising). If you are registered with
the service provider, the service provider also recognises you. The service provider’s
processing of your personal data is then the responsibility of the service provider and
is carried out in accordance with its data protection provisions. The service provider
merely informs us how our respective website is used (without any information about
you personally).

Social plug-ins

Our websites use social media plug-ins, e.g. from Facebook, Twitter or Google+
(providers). These plug-ins are labelled with the provider’s logo and can, for
example, be a Like button, a Google+ button or a Twitter button.

When you visit one of our websites with a plug-in of this nature, your Internet
browser establishes a direct connection with the provider’s computers. The
provider’s website sends the content of the plug-in directly to your browser which
incorporates it into the website. Through the incorporation of the plug-in, the provider
is informed that you visited our website. If you are logged in to your account on the
provider’s website at the same time, the provider can match the visit to your profile. If
you interact with the plug-ins − for example by pressing the “Like” button or posting a
comment − the corresponding information is sent by your browser directly to the
provider and stored on their servers.

If you do not want the provider to collect data on you via our website, you have to log
out of your account on the provider’s website before visiting our website. Even if you
have logged out of your account, providers still collect data in anonymised form via
the social plug-ins and place a cookie on your computer. If you log in to your account
on the provider’s website at a later date, this data can be linked to your profile.

If a login is offered via a social login service − e.g. Facebook Connect − data will be
exchanged between the provider and our website. In the case of Facebook Connect,
this could be, for example, data from your public Facebook profile. By using such
login services, you are agreeing to the transfer of your data.

Please see the provider’s Privacy Policy for the purpose and scope of the database
and the further processing of your data by the provider, as well as your associated
rights and configuration options to protect your privacy:
– for Facebook:
– for Google:
– for Twitter Inc.:

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