Is fitness, health and sports part of your life?

Do you like to share your training videos or write blogs about Fitness & Sports? (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, blogs, etc.)

Do you want to be part of a successful team that promotes a scientifically proven product in the Fitness & Sports industry?

Do you want to earn money with minimal effort?


With our Affiliates program, you will become part of the NUMI team and receive 10% commission on all purchases your followers & community make in our store.
Create a NUMI Affiliate account
Publish the provided content in your social media
Your followers/community gets interested
Your followers/community starts placing orders
You receive money for this!


1. You get money for each sale generated by your followers & community without having much effort.
2. Privileged access to all our social content such as promotions, videos, blogs and campaigns.
3. You don't have to create any own content, we give you access to all the NUMI content easily.
4. You are promoting a patented, innovative & scientifically proven product.
5. Full control & transparency of the page views and orders generated by your followers and community.
6. Help society to be healthier, to move more, giving them the access to a multifunctional product that fits to their lifestyle.


Through our Affiliates program, you will become part of the NUMI team and receive 10% commission on all purchases made by your followers or community in our store through a unique link created just for you.


Once you become a NUMI Affiliate, you'll receive a unique link that directs your followers or community to our online store. With this unique generated link, we can identify that the purchase came from your side. Whenever your followers/community make a purchase in our online shop through this link, you will receive a commission over the purchased value. As a NUMI Affiliate, you have access to exclusive NUMI campaigns that includes discounts or advantages for your followers/community. We inform you by email about the campaigns and share with you the promotional discount codes, so that you can publish them to your followers/community. These promotional discount codes can be used by you and your followers/community to get the direct discount in our online shop when making the purchase.


1. An NUMI Affiliate account. Click here to create yours
2. An active social network page/blog/website where you can place the Affiliate link as well as NUMI content.
3. Make sure to have a good understanding about our innovative product, especially the versatility, instructions and functions.
4. The will to grow, earn money and become part of a successful team!


The registration is free and without any commitment, should be done through our website, click here to create yours

No, anyone which is sport addicted can be a NUMI affiliate. You only have to fill in the form and we will check your details and inform you whether we accept you as affiliate or not. You`ll get a reply within 1 week.

You can promote the NUMI shop in the following ways:

1. Publish the NUMI content in your social network/site/blogs/pages.
2. Share your NUMI Affiliate link in your posts on your social network/site/blogs/pages
3. Share your photos & videos featuring NUMI products, clothing etc.
4. Send private messages to possibly interested people
5. Share your NUMI shopping experience
6. Be creative and don’t forget to add your Affiliate link in each post.

To create your affiliate link, you must log in to your personal NUMI Affiliate account. Then click on “Affiliate URL’s”. In “Page URL” you must paste the link you want to generate with your affiliate code. All you need to do now is copy and paste where you want!

You don’t need to create anything! Just go to Creatives inside your personal Affiliate account and download whatever you need. After that, all you have to do is paste it into your social network, blog or website.

Login into your personal Affiliate account > Creatives

No. To receive your commissions you must always use your Affiliate link in all the disclosures/promotions you make for NUMI. Only this way we are able to assign the purchase.

In your personal Affiliate account, you have the “Payouts” space where you find the amount available, pending, accumulated and paid.

After 5 to 10 days of receiving the purchase from the customer.

You can exchange the accumulated balance for a credit at our shop, Paypal or bank transfer to your personal bank account.

Balance: The amount available and outstanding. Available: The amount of your current account, i.e. the amount you currently have available to use in our online store or receive to your personal bank account. Pending: The amount pending in commissions, this means that your followers have placed orders but have not yet made the payment. Accumulated: The total amount of commissions you have earned since your registration with NUMI. Paid: The amount of commissions you used in purchases or already paid by NUMI.

No. If you find pending orders it means that your followers/community have not yet made the payment. We just put the balance to “available” when the payment of the order has been made. If this does not happen, you will not receive your commission.

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