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Train anywhere and whenever you want. As intensely and as efficiently as in the gym. For building your best possible muscles. For fighting against losing muscle unnecessarily. The innovative NUMI AthleticSystem is a great idea for anyone who wants to train effectively anywhere, even when time is tight.


No time for training? Disappointing muscle development? Not much strength? NUMI gives you better results in less time. Read more
No time for training? Disappointing muscle development? Not much strength? NUMI gives you better results in less time. Read more

MORE Beauty

Saggy skin? Cellulite? Too much body fat?
NUMI can help you look the way you want to. Read more
Saggy skin? Cellulite? Too much body fat?
NUMI can help you look the way you want to. Read more

MORE Training

No mental balance? Lacking coordination? Lacking energy?
NUMI clears your head and strengthens your basic fitness level. Read more
No mental balance? Lacking coordination? Lacking energy?
NUMI clears your head and strengthens your basic fitness level. Read more

MORE Health

Back problems? Poor sleep? Weak bones? Bad posture? No stamina?
NUMI helps you to get stronger and feel better. Read more
Back problems? Poor sleep? Weak bones? Bad posture? No stamina?
NUMI helps you to get stronger and feel better. Read more

MORE innovation

The NUMI AthleticSystem is a brand-new product.
It allows you to do a mobile full-body workout with ALL exercises just like in the gym. The innovative design of the NUMI AthleticSystem creates more beneficial movement sequences. You achieve more effect with less weight.

The NUMI modular design: The AthleticSystem includes:


A weighted vest


Adjustable dumbbells


Adjustable Ankle Weight


Adjustable Wrist weights

All adjustable to YOUR body and Your Training goal
The NUMI AthleticSystem is a cleverly designed multifunctional product. When it’s put together it looks like a backpack. Just a few simple steps and you have all the equipment needed for an effective full-body training session.


5 pieces of equipment in one
Ready to use 24/7
More training impact with less weight
Iron weights (2.5-35kg)
Sandbags (2.5-10kg)
Compact and robust
High quality materials
Easily transportable weights

Scientific study at the German Sport University Cologne

Numi Sports
The NUMI AthleticSystem dumbbells were compared to conventional dumbbells in a randomised controlled intervention study at the German Sport University Cologne. The study was conducted by the Department of Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics in 2021. The improvement in maximum strength was achieved through a 6-week study consisting of a full body workout 2x per week (12 training sessions). The NUMI group as well as the dumbbell group improved statistically significantly in the majority of the exercises.

MORE intensity

Train more intensively than with normal dumbbells. The NUMI AthleticSystem creates a movement sequence without dead centres. When training with other dumbbells, dead centres usually occur at the reversal points of the movement.
Impact: You don’t need as much weight to achieve the same or better results. Additionally you train your muscles in three different ways:
Concentrically (dynamically)
Isometrically (statically)
Eccentrically (negatively).
The way NUMI AthleticSystem cleverly distributes the weight makes this possible


Just a short session using NUMI AthleticSystem will leave you breathless and your heart pounding. Your metabolism kicks in and your energy reserves will be replenished. Your core muscles will be particularly strengthened which is important for building functional strength. When you’re doing bodyweight exercises such as push ups or squats for example the additional weights in the NUMI will give significantly higher training benefits. It puts the core under constant tension and it gets a perfect workout. Using the NUMI AthleticSystem not only activates the large muscle groups but also gets to the deep muscles. This improves your posture, builds strong muscles and you can prevent back problems. You also burn a lot more energy. You can shed fat more easily and lose weight.

Client testimonials on effectiveness:


67 years old

I never thought I could increase my strength at my age but since I started training using this product my strength has increased by around 20%... I felt the difference when I began training again in the gym after using it.


37 years old

My body composition has improved a lot since using the AthleticSystem. My body fat has dropped to a record low. I work on my leg extensions and leg curls using max. 7.5kg and in the gym I’d need 40kg for that!


35 years old

After using NUMI for three months I went back to the gym and was amazed to find my strength had increased by 30% even though in the last three months I was using lower weights.


33 years old

I did bicep workouts at the gym using 24kg dumbbells but with Numi it feels the same using 12.5kg but I get better results. I get better results using less weight and feel stronger than ever!

Top in terms of


The NUMI AthleticSystem has all the equipment you need for a full-body workout at a price which individual pieces of equipment together can’t compete with. If you would buy all the individual pieces of equipment you’d pay at least three times more.
The innovative NUMI AthleticSystem training effect wouldn’t even be included here.
Check out the price comparison here
Also with the NUMI AthleticSystem there’s no recurring annual fees like at the gym. You pay once and you have everything you need forever
You can pay for the NUMI AthleticSystem from 12 Euros a month over a maximum of 24 instalments.

Athletes and sports scientists recommend the NUMI AthleticSystem













– Graduated Fitness Instructor
– Nutritionist
– Cardio Trainer
– Charles Poliquin PICP Level 2
– Professional fitness model
– Europe’s most published fitness model 2015 / 21 times cover model for Fitness Magazine.

“I like to design my training sessions with variety. For this purpose I often use the AthleticSystem from NUMI. The NUMI AthleticSystem allows for a different effect on the muscles and can be used really well for outdoor training. I can also give my customers individual training programmes for their holidays.”


– Sport Sciences at Basel University
– Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences
– Charles Poliquin PICP Level 3
– Strength Sensei Metabolic Analytics 1
– Crossfit Trainer

“As a personal trainer, the NUMI AthleticSystem is an ideal add-on to the conventional training equipment I use. Its versatility allows for an infinite number of exercise variations and offers very different and new training stimuli!”


– IFBBPRO Classic Athlete
– Overall Arnold Classic Brasil 2017 winner
– Runner-up Vancouver Pro 2017
– British Grand Prix Muscle Model Champion 2016

“I think it is one the best workout devices I’ve seen in the fitness industry, because you can train your body anywhere and anytime. My life has got much easier since I’ve had this product. I use it to train myself and my clients as well”


– 110 Kg Professional Heavy Weight Boxer
– Pre qualifier for the beijing olympic games
– Portugal heavy weight champion 2018

"This training system is the perfect device to improve my strength and speed which I need for my boxing performance. The flexibility of adaption of this product is amazing. I would recommend this NUMI AthleticSystem to everyone!"


– Owner of Lionsoul Gym

“I must admit that I was very sceptical at first and was even more positively surprised to see how versatile the Numi AthleticSystem is. Not only is it by far the best way to train at home, it is also a great addition to my gym.”

Get your NUMI AtlethicSystem

Beginner or advanced?

The NUMI AthleticSystem is suitable for any level. You can increase the weights in 2.5kg increments.
How to set the NUMI for your individual use
How to train using the NUMI


MORE individuality and independence

The NUMI AthleticSystem can be adapted to your body and you can do all the exercises you can think of which you know from the gym. Without losing time going to the gym.


NUMI AthleticSystem adapts to your body mass as if it were custom-made. All the parts can be easily adjusted to any size using velcro, straps or snap-in fasteners
Adjust the weights as you need to. You can make it right for you in 2.5kg increments from a few to a lot.


Without continuous training your muscles automatically get smaller again. Don’t let breaks in training undo what you have already achieved. With the NUMI AthleticSystem you can train at any time. You can use it around the clock. And you save the time it takes to get to the gym and back. 30 minutes training each day with the NUMI AthleticSystem is enough to be effective. And finally, training with the NUMI is more intensive. Maybe you’ll use the NUMI AthleticSystem in addition to your gym sessions? It couldn’t be more effective.

Get your NUMI AtlethicSystem

The best price for top quality

The NUMI AthleticSystem is made using exceptionally high-quality materials. So that you can keep enjoying it for a long time.

Inner surfaces have a silicone layer

handmade and breathable

Metal buckles

you can load them up to 300kg resistance

Velcro fasteners

exceptionally strong material and long-lasting (open and close them for up to 10,000 times)

PVC Tarpaulin

high-quality, robust, tear-resistant and durable, protects against wind, water, dirt, bad weather and UV rays

Iron weights

100% powder-coated, unbreakable and rustproof

Get your NUMI AthleticSystem

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AthleticSystem including

What our clients are saying



Finally, a piece of fitness equipment that I can use to train as efficiently as I do at the gym and that I can store at home easily without taking up too much space.



A full-body workout at home in a short space of time. Congratulations to NUMI for this great idea.



Easy to use! Efficient! At first I was unsure if I could really achieve positive results in my training with this product and now, after three months of training, I can confirm that I am very satisfied with the result. It's the best and most efficient fitness product I've ever bought.



I had already bought some fitness equipment in the past, but none was as efficient as this Athleticsystem. With this Athleticsystem I finish each workout even more tired than when I went to the gym.



Thanks to the versatility and the easy handling of the backpack, I can do an efficient and result-oriented workout. I am thrilled that with a NUMI Athleticsystem of this size I have a complete training product. I now have all the equipment that you would find at a fitness centre in a single Athleticsystem. NUMI is fun and motivates me to achieve my goals. I can recommend NUMI unreservedly.



Best purchase I made during the whole lockdown period! - Great idea from NUMI.


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